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Email was supposed to be a productivity breakthrough, allowing your employees to communicate with clients, suppliers, and each other in a simple and effective manner. Unfortunately, the double threat of spam and viruses threatens to make email into a net negative. With spam accounting for up to 25% of all email received, your employees are interrupted all day by endless solicitations. Much of this content you would never allow into your workplace in any other format.

Spam Filtering

The SpamCop Email System will filter up to 90% of spam sent to your employees. Depending on how public your email addresses are, this could be dozens or hundreds of messages per day.

Virus Filtering

New email viruses seem to pop up every few weeks. The only way to protect your employees is to scan every email coming into your network for viruses. The SpamCop Email System uses Trend Micro Viruswall scanners to check your email and remove harmful viruses. Without virus scanning, a single virus on your LAN can takes dozens of hours to clean up, and potentially destroy critical files or leak sensitive information to outsiders.

Small Businesses

Special information for businesses with fewer than 500 email accounts is available here.

The Complete Email Solution

Corporate Email Services, the parent company of the SpamCop Email System, can provide a custom-made solution for your email needs. Smaller companies might choose to filter their email through the SpamCop system, then either use the servers as their mail server or forward mail on to their own mail server. Larger companies might do the latter or have CES install a custom filtering server on-site. Email us for more information on how we can meet your needs.

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